Album artwork and rollout for Pond's album, The Weather. Pond are a psychedelic rock band from Perth, Australia. The Weather is their seventh studio album that mixes bright synths, campy detours, and grim lyrics. This album was released in the summer of 2017 and holds great nostalgia for me.

The concept behind this cover was to capture the feeling of the summer of its release while also paying tribute to the psychedelic nature of the album. The album artwork was made by gluing a wire hanger to the inside of the slinky to give it a rigid shape. The slinky was then suspended in front of the background at the right angle to create the illusion of depth. I removed the hanger using Photoshop to complete the illusion. The background was made out of sheets of card that match the bright colours of the slinky, which pushes the playful and psychedelic nature of the album. Different elements were cut out of card to bring a natural and summery feel to the artwork. A modern extended sans serif font was used for this project as it has a futuristic and  psychedelic feel, similar to that of the album.